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    Mastering Services

The recording studio at Adams State University is a state-of-the-art facility that is fully equipped for professional-level mastering of your next album. The studio is equipped with Cubase 11, Wavelab Pro 10 mastering software, excellent audio plugins by Universal Audio and Plugin Alliance, Midas M series digital mixer, and Meyer Sound monitors. In addition, we have many top-of-the-line microphones by Neumann, Mojave, AKG, and Lauten Audio. I have experience mastering numerous student and faculty projects and compilations for the Adams State Music Department and have mastered albums by Jon Moffat and Entropy in Motion. My rate is $50 per hour and a normal-length project (40 minutes, 10 tracks) usually averages 6-7 hours. My goal is to bring your project to life with warmth, clarity, and presence while not sacrificing the dynamics. Please contact me if interested.

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