All scores and parts are available for purchase, please contact me if you are interested. Click on the links below to view pdf files of scores and to listen to audio/MIDI recordings.


Under fading skies for string quartet (2009)

  1. i.  Mosaic                  score    MIDI 

  2. ii.  Stillness                score    MIDI

  3. iii. Motioning             score    MIDI


Continuance for percussion ensemble (2007)   

score     MIDI


Nocturnal Passage for flute and piano (2006)

  1. i.  Falling                                     score     audio  

  2. ii.  Dancing                                  score     audio

  3. iii. Emerging                                score     audio

  1. *Performed by Tracy Doyle, flute and William Lipke, piano


Where the Shadows Cease for orchestra and chorus (2005)   

poetry by Oscar Wilde

score     MIDI


Fear no More: Two Poems for Women’s Chorus by William Shakespeare (2003)

  1. i.  Under the Greenwood Tree                  score     audio excerpt

  2. ii.  Fear no More the Heat of the Sun        score     audio excerpt

  1. *Performed by the Kent State University Women’s chorus


Woodwind Quintet (2002)

  1. i.  The Descent of Winter                         score     audio excerpt

  2. ii.  The Rise after the fall                          score     audio excerpt

  1. *Performed by the Juniper Quintet


Drift for string orchestra (2001)       score     audio

*Performed by the Kent State University Orchestra


Travels for mixed chamber ensemble (2000)


O Lonely Watcher of the Skies: Five Songs from Chamber Music by James Joyce

for soprano and piano (2008)

  1. i.  The Twilight Turns                        score     audio               

  2. ii.  Sleep now, O Sleep Now               score     audio

  3. iii.  O Lonely Watcher of the Skies     score     audio

  4. iv.  I would in that sweet bosom be     score    audio

  5. v.  From Dewy Dreams                       score  

  1. *Performed by sopranos Megan Buness (1-3), Deborah Kavasch (4)

* complete cycle audio


Music for Alice in Wonderland (2009)

Composed/recorded for use in the Alice in Wonderland production at

Adams State College.

Alice audio montage 1

Alice audio montage 2

Alice audio montage 3


Incantation for wind ensemble, flute, and vibraphone (2010)



Raven Sketches for flute, oboe, clarinet, and piano (2012)

  1. i. Footsteps of morning                       score      MIDI

  2. ii.  Bring the dancing stars                   score      MIDI

  3. iii. But now lie still as the wind           score      MIDI


Ascendance for septet (fl, cl, pno, soprano, percussion) (2012)

Commissioned by Adams State University in celebration of the

college’s name change

score       MIDI       audio

  1. *Performed by ASU faculty and students


Mysterious valley for flute and marimba (2014)

  1. i.  Ethereal                                            score      MIDI

  2. ii.  Hypnotic                                          score      MIDI

  3. iii. Pulsating                                          score      MIDI


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